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Our Services

Innovative and Efficient Engineering Solutions

Belsby Engineering is committed to providing innovative and efficient engineering for our clients and our own company. We strive to ensure each project is completed with extreme care, efficiency and professionalism by pairing our clients with our team to operate in a seamless and cohesive manner. Our diverse backgrounds allow us to provide sound engineering options meeting budget, time and feasibility constraints. Our professional track record is carried by our unmatched reputation. Our staff takes extreme care to listen closely to the client’s needs and ensure effective communication is maintained throughout the project.

Municipal Engineering

Municipal engineering is our largest specialty at Belsby Engineering. By implementing our strategies and experience with the needs of a city or town, we are able to get a project off the ground to help replace, revitalize, or improve upon the existing infrastructure. We assist municipalities with everything from grant writing to construction management. Many projects require going through the compliance process with SEPA, NEPA, and JARPA, along with (or and) others.


By combining our skills with the right GPS, Total Station, and GPS tools, we are able to survey the land of any given area to make sure plans can be built to suit based on the existing topography. Our surveying department is staffed with survey crews who are extensively trained in field surveying and engineering design. This will eliminate common miscommunications and the potential for errors, which often occur in the transfer of data between departments. Our civil designers play an active role in the drafting and design phases utilizing AutoCAD Civil 3D, ensuring a smooth transition from preliminary data collection to final engineering with both accuracy and efficiency. This unique methodology also serves as quality assurance during the construction phase, enabling our surveying department to directly provide reliable take-off information to the contractor and accurate construction staking for every project. Learn More >

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Development Planning

We are accustomed to working with municipalities by executing surveys, creating feasibility studies, and implementing any necessary permits for various projects. At Belsby Engineering, we typically work with our clients to create comprehensive water system plans, small water system management programs, comprehensive sewer plans, transportation improvement plans, and other infrastructure plans. We have the knowledge and experience to make our clients feel comfortable by knowing all civil engineering aspects of their project will be taken care of as smoothly as possible. Our planning work includes the preparation of Comprehensive Water System Plans, Small Water System Management Programs, Comprehensive Sewer Plans, Transportation Improvement Plans and various other infrastructure planning. Learn More >

Funding Procurement

With in-house grant writing services and practiced contract and grant administration, we have a proven track record of identifying potential funding sources and procuring grant and loan funding with efficiency and a high rate of success. We have worked closely with major state and federal funding programs and have built a wealth of resources in the form of an extensive funding knowledge base and valuable funding program contacts across the state. Once funding has been procured, we continue to identify future funding solutions for upcoming projects and remain proactive in maintaining the comprehensive goals of the community on an on-going basis. Learn More >


Our team has designed and overseen construction for over 500 wastewater systems, both municipal and private, and have extensive expertise with both new system design and rehabilitation of existing systems. Learn More >

On-Call Consulting

We offer on-call engineering services with dependable guidance, comprehensive planning and project development leadership, and responsive engineering solutions to meet the immediate needs of the communities we serve as well as guide the long-term visions of the municipal leaders.


Our experience in water management allows us to assist communities with understanding the challenges faced with conserving and managing one of the earth’s most valuable resources. We have designed and overseen construction for numerous water and wastewater systems, both municipal and private, and have extensive expertise with both new system design and rehabilitation of existing systems. We are experienced in the design of Group A and B water systems for developments of every scale as well as expansion of large municipal systems. We work closely with the project surveyor to design effective systems, which work with the topography to provide cost-effective solutions that meet service pressure, fire flow, and storage requirements. Difficult sites can prove to be challenging for an engineer to offer competitive options. Examples of this are under-producing wells, poor water quality, or sites with large grade changes. We have spent a great deal of time and energy researching products and new technology to provide innovative solutions to meet each specific system need without compromising the project budget and timeline. Learn More >

Project Management

Once a project is under way, it’s imperative that it goes according to plan. Belsby Engineering will manage the construction of the project from beginning to end – ensuring deadlines are met, budgets are maintained, and communication is a priority throughout. We are able to assist architects and other project personnel to combine our expertise and initial research with their knowledge and further plans, assuring the project is completed efficiently and precisely.

We realize that there are many pieces, decisions, and collaborations involved in any civil engineering project. That is why we put together a dedicated team for each of our projects so our clients not only have a point person, but also an entire team dedicated to making sure a project is getting done on time and on budget. It is our responsibility and our commitment to keep the lines of communication open throughout the process.

Cellular Communication Facilities

Belsby Engineering works closely with cellular communication vendors and site acquisition firms, providing architectural and engineering services. We are capable of organizing a team of consultants to work through the surveying and design to complete your project while meeting a budget and working with your timeline. Learn More >

Site and Utility Planning

Site and utility planning is often a necessity of building in any rural area. Our skilled team of experts will use our resources to facilitate the site and utility planning, allowing for our client’s new project to be ready for water, electric, sewer, phone, cable, gas and other necessary infrastructure. It will also allow us to plan for any needed grading or on-site drainage before construction begins. Based on our findings, our engineers will draft up plans for the project architect to create the most seamless work-flow possible. Learn More >


Roadway design requires close consultation with the project surveyor and geotechnical engineer to develop road alignments and profiles which fit the original topography with minimal grading and paving specifications dictated by the underlying soils. Our expertise in working with the existing topography to optimize the design allows us to lead the project from field to finish and enables us to swiftly incorporate roadway drainage and stormwater treatment facilities with effective grading plans. We have provided the necessary project oversight through permitting, environmental and cultural review, design and construction management. Learn More >

Environmental & Permitting

We are highly knowledgeable about cultural permitting and have qualified experience in the tribal consultation process with the Department of Archeologicial and Historic Preservation, State Historic Preservation Office and Tribal Historic Preservation Officer. We are able to secure necessary permits to help expedite the overall completion process of any project.

The environmental permitting process often requires completion of the State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) checklist and National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) checklist.  Some state agencies with federal funding cross cutters require following the State Environmental Review Process (SERP).  Additionally, when lakes, streams, wetland, floodplains, riparian habitat or buffers are impacted, a Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application (JARPA) is required to obtain Hydraulic Project Approval from Fish and Wildlife.  Approvals from other agencies, including the Department of Natural Resource and Army Corps is necessary as well. Learn More >


Stormwater management facilities are a vital part of any engineering project and Belsby Engineering is adept at integrating these features into our designs to maximize the usable space on the site while creating aesthetically pleasing, functional treatment and storage areas for stormwater runoff. The first step in responsible drainage design is successful design of sediment and erosion control measures utilized during the construction phase of any project. Multiple staff members have training as Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Leads; with substantial field training for all of our design staff, we are able to outline effective control plans which are easily implemented by the contractor and cost-effective over the course of construction.

Following construction, stormwater management facilities must be designed to function with minimal maintenance for years to come. We implement the Best Management Practices set forth by the Washington Department of Ecology, while designing for long-term viability and practical implementation. Learn More >

RSAP - Roadside Safety Analysis Program

RSAP is the primary tool endorsed by WSDOT for the evaluation of mitigation alternatives for Clear Zone Objects. Belsby Engineering works closely with Utilities and WSDOT to analyze the location of existing utilities within WSDOT right of way. We prepare control zone calculations to determine limits of the control zone at a particular object. The Roadside Safety Analysis Program (RSAP) is then used to analyze objects located within the control zone. Location II objects with no accident history are analyzed in their existing locations and compared to location specific alternative solutions. A cost-benefit analysis is performed through RSAP, and a recommended solution is obtained. The RSAP recommended solution is then used as a variance alternative for WSDOT.  Learn More >

Utility Franchise Consolidation

Belsby Engineering works closely with utility providers and WSDOT to provide services required for Franchise Consolidation.  We have assisted WSDOT in developing the requirements of the Franchise Consolidation process through our early involvement in the program. Our Land Surveyors are tasked with determining right of way as well as locating utility owned features within the right of way. They develop base mapping used to prepare plan sheets and Utility Facility Descriptions to be included in the Franchise Consolidation.  Our engineers use this base mapping to perform Control Zone Calculations to determine hazard objects located within the right of way.

Hazards are analyzed through field review and RSAP analysis to determine risk factors associated with each object located in the Control Zone. That information is then incorporated into a Mitigation Plan detailing how each hazard will be addressed to finalize the Franchise Consolidation process. Belsby’s staff includes two Professional Land Surveyors, three Professional Engineers, Civil Designers, CAD Drafters, Survey Technicians, and other support staff. Our understanding of WSDOT’s needs in working through the Franchise Consolidation Process allows us to deliver the most cost effective product to our client. Belsby has assisted numerous utilities with Franchise Consolidation cost estimates for their use in planning yearly budgets, and would be pleased to help your organization.  Learn More >

Flow Analysis

We utilize HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS to evaluate or determine flows for floodplain and stream projects.  Floodplain work involves surveying and determination of flood limits through modeling.  Stream projects often involve bank stabilization, culvert replacement, bridge protection and fish passage design.  Belsby also works closely with regulatory agencies to meet the necessary permitting requirements. The end result provides the owner with a cost effective and innovative approach to fully restore, protect and preserve the project area while providing safety to the surrounding areas.

Sediment and Erosion Control

We have years of experience surveying land and implementing various measures to lessen the worry of potential sediment or erosion issues. By addressing and mitigating potential erosion problems, we are able to contain many potential sediment problems, which could arise. We are also familiar with complying with all regulatory compliances when handling a project dealing with potential sediment or erosion matters.  Belsby is experienced with the Eastern Washington Stormwater Manual and the King County Stormwater Design Manual and we have Certified Erosion Sediment Control Leads (CESCLs) on staff to design erosion control plans.

Decentralized Design

Belsby provides innovative and sustainable solutions for rural or remote development.  Low impact development methods are utilized for design of efficient and low maintenance water, sewer, road and stormwater systems.  On-site Group A and Group B water system are individually designed for the needs of the client.  Various on-site wastewater systems fit the specific soils, space and critical area constraints of the site.  Road designs are planned to minimize earthwork and site impact while assuring longevity and economy.  Stormwater is managed utilizing low impact development practices that minimize collection, provide natural treatment, and ensure localize dispersal.

Feasibility Studies

By starting with a thorough analysis of the intended project, we are able to assess the project scope, needs, and realities before getting started. Key pieces of this study include potential project limits, capabilities, alternatives and capacities. Putting together an initial feasibility study saves our clients time and money, enabling them to have realistic expectations for their project before digging begins. It also contributes to preparing for any potential permitting processes or other unknown factors.