Stevens County, WA

The Hunters Water District was under a bilateral compliance agreement with the Department of Health to reduce arsenic levels in the water supply. This project, estimated at a $1.2 million budget, required CDBG and DWSRF/ARRA grant funding acquisition and administration, development of a Small Water System Management Program, simultaneous design of both an alternative source well with improved water quality and design of an arsenic removal treatment facility, design of waterline replacements, preparation of contract documents and plans, project management and construction inspection. Belsby acquired an additional $1.2 million through CDBG and PWTF to replace undersized and failing water mains in Hunters Water District.

2011 IACC Drinking Water Project of the Year

Obtained funding consecutive years and had projects back-to-back

Services Provided

  • Environmental permitting and soil cleanup
  • Preliminary feasibility analysis
  • Water quality treatment options feasibility study
  • CDBG and DWSRF/ARRA grant funding acquisition
  • Grant administration
  • Development of Water System Management Program
  • Water distribution modeling
  • Public involvement leadership and contract guidance
  • Evaluation of alternate methods of reducing arsenic levels
  • Development and testing of multiple test wells
  • Arsenic treatment facility pilot testing
  • Treatment facility design
  • Design of replacement water mains
  • Multiple agency reviews
  • Coordination with WSDOT for highway crossings and preparation of a utility franchise agreement
  • Consultation with sub-consultants
  • Preparation of construction documentation
  • Contract bidding
  • Project management and construction inspection

Skills Summary

This project required an accelerated funding procurement, design and bidding schedule to meet tight deadlines associated with the stimulus funding sources.  To ensure the project would maintain the fast-track timeline, Belsby performed concurrent design and evaluation of two alternative solutions for reducing the arsenic levels.  As the community is very sensitive to cost increases, the method of treatment required low operation and maintenance costs.  As with all of our projects, solutions were designed to fit within the budget, ensure constructability, and provide for maximum benefit to the client.

Client Contact Information

Hunters Water District
Ron Bircher
(509) 722-4733