Sprague, WA

Belsby Engineering worked with Lincoln County Fire District #1 to obtain funding from FEMA, CDBG, and state appropriations to construct a new fire station and emergency response in Sprague, WA. Belsby worked closely with the Architect during design and the construction of the project. Belsby designed and prepared construction drawings for the project after funding had been acquired. The $2.45 million project included architectural, electrical, mechanical, structural, geotechnical, and fire protection consultants in addition to the civil work performed by Belsby. Construction began in fall of 2012. Belsby provided inspection and funding management through the construction phase of the project.

2013 Community Facilities Project Award at the Infrastructure Assistance Coordinating Council (IACC) Conference.

Services Provided

  • Multiple funding source management through all phases of the project
  • Managed geotechnical sub-consultants
  • Worked with the Architect and other sub-consultants during design and construction
  • Site planning to locate building and utilities to avoid shallow bedrock
  • Grading design using AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Water main, storm drainage, and septic design
  • Preparation of construction drawings and specifications
  • Multiple agency review
  • Contractor oversight and construction inspection

Skills Summary

This project presented unique challenges beginning with funding acquisition and continuing through the design and construction phases. Coordinating funding from three different sources required specific attention to the requirements of each funding source throughout every phase of the project. The site contained areas of shallow bedrock overlain by pockets of rocky material and silt. Subsurface exploration gave Belsby the information required to locate the building to avoid excavation of bedrock. The project went through several design alternatives to maximize its size and functionality while still meeting the projects budget. During construction, wet weather conditions made the earthwork challenging. Belsby was on-site to work through the earthwork issues with the owner, contractor and geotechnical engineer to find the most cost effective solution.

Client Contact Information

Lincoln County Fire District #1
Scott Clemenson
(509) 999-3574