Spokane County, WA

2014 Transportation Award at the Infrastructure Assistance Coordinating Council (IACC) Conference.

Belsby Engineering has been selected as the lead engineer for multiple road projects in Spangle, WA.  Belsby has designed and managed construction of a TIB funded pavement overlay project on 1st and 2nd Streets.  The project included ADA upgrades to the sidewalk ramps, replacement of unsuitable sections of roadway, and pavement overlay of approximately 1,300 feet of road.  In addition to the overlay project, Belsby designed reconstruction of 3rd and Ash Streets including water main replacement.  Belsby designed and managed construction of a CDBG funded water main replacement in 3rd and Ash Streets.  The remaining proposed improvements include: replacement of approximately 1,800 linear feet of roadway, construction of sidewalks, curb, and gutter, construction of stormwater management facilities, replacement of underlying culverts and the installation of a new pedestrian bridge.  In addition to these projects, Belsby has secured $571,000 in TIB funding to reconstruct the failing portion of Main Street.

A value engineering study was performed by Belsby Engineering and modern concrete rubblization and cement treated soils (CTS) were determined to be the most cost effective solution for subgrade construction. The estimated cost savings from rubblization and CTS as opposed to conventional construction methods was approximately $150,000. This significantly benefited the client with a superior product at a reduced cost.

Obtained funding consecutive years and had projects back-to-back

Services Provided

  • Preliminary feasibility analysis
  • CDBG and TIB grant funding acquisition and administration
  • Design and construction management of a water main replacement on 3rd Street
  • Public involvement leadership and contract guidance
  • Surveying and data collection
  • Right-of-way mapping, acquisition and stakeholders negotiation
  • Site planning including right-of-way and road layout
  • Heavy use truck route road design
  • SEPA, JARPA and cultural permitting
  • Railroad, WSDOT and UTC permitting and approval
  • Contractor oversight and construction inspection
  • Multiple agency review
  • Preparation of construction documents and final as-built documentation
  • Contract bidding, Project management and construction inspection

Skills Summary

The 3rd and Ash Street project presents Belsby engineering with unique challenges, including JARPA and SEPA preparation for Spangle Creek, surveying of 1800’s original rail road platting, wetlands, railroad, and right-of-way reconciliation, easement and encroachment issues.  Multiple agencies are involved in this project including UTC, Washington & Idaho Railway Inc., and WSDOT.  The roadway design involved developing an acceptable road section and alignment that minimized impacts to the limited right-of-way.  The design also required the integration of stormwater facilities while avoiding conflicts with the existing underground utilities.  There were also the familiar challenges of assisting in procurement of funding sources.  As with all of our projects, solutions are designed to fit within the budget, ensure constructability, and provide for maximum benefit to the client.

Client Contact Information

Town of Spangle
Ralph Sunwold
(509) 245-3260